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Makers of high quality bespoke leatherwork.
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Saddler’s Den provides all the services you would expect to find at a saddlery workshop, from making bespoke items to a full repair and saddle fitting service.
Proprietor, Chris Taylor is a fully qualified Master Saddler and member of the Society of Master Saddler’s so you can be assured of a professional service.
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Our training courses take the complete novice through the various stages of making items. Pictured left is a student showing off the bridle she produced.
One of our specialties is the re-construction of period leatherwork for Universities, film makers and re-enactment groups. Pictured right is a re-construction of a dressage saddle from the 1600’s commissioned by English Heritage.
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As well as providing a saddle fitting service we are also qualified to fit and adjust Flair and Wow Saddles.
Saddler’s Den
60 Norwood Avenue, Southport, PR9 7EQ
  Contact:     Chris Taylor
Telephone:  01704 228370
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All of our leatherwork is handmade in our own workshop using traditional techniques and the best quality English leather. We make bridles to standard sizes or made to measure. We can also supply individual parts.
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