Course Testimonials

We understand how important your feedback is. Our course testimonials are from the Saddler's Den Leatherwork Course Evaluation Form. All entry's are completely anonymous to ensure we receive absolute honesty. We find once a course is complete, our attendees leave with a great deal of satisfaction, ultimately happy with the training and information they've receive.

Did The Course Meet Your Expectations?

For a basic leatherwork course it surpassed my expectations completely. The amount and variety and hands of work was extremely useful.

Most definitely. Really pleased with the whole process and how much we got to learn.

Absolutely... and more!
I cant quite believe how much i have developed skills in a short space of time.

Yes, totally - as a total novice, I felt like I had achieved something by the end of the week. 

More than met my expectations!

Was There Anything That we Missed?

No, the content of the course is very varied and gives a broad overview of lots of information, techniques ect - there wasn't anything missed. 

No, the course covered all the basic skills and was tailored towards my interests.

In the time span no, but I personally would have liked to learn how to do Shetland Bridle, but it just means I can come again.

I am planning to do another course to learn more (the next step). I am shocked at the amount we learned in a week!!!

The course made me realise how much I would like to learn, however, the amount we covered in five days was pretty impressive.

Missed nothing, got lots of new knowledge to take home and practice.

Were The Training Facilities Adequate?

Excellent, felt more like a workshop and not a classroom.

The facilities are excellent - very well stocked with all the relevant tools, good space.

Facilities were exactly what we needed. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

Excellent, lots of working space, good lighting, and plenty of tools.

 Yes, more than adequate. 

Yes, the tools and work space were well supplied and organised.

Was The Course Delivered In An Understandable Way?

Yes, but if I confused myself, Chris and the team were very patient and explained again.

All the instructions were easy to follow, yet if there was something I needed explaining, I felt very comfortable in asking for help

Yes! Understood and just being able to keep checking back to make sure I was doing things right was brilliant.

Yes very much so - both Chris and Louise were very knowledgeable and happy to share what they know.

Yes, very good balance between theory and practical.

Very understandable, and the ability to deal with students at varying speeds was not only greatly appreciated but helped with motivation and confidence.

Any Other Comments?

An excellent course, delivered by Chris and his team in a very competent way. Their knowledge is of the highest calibre, and everything they teach is done with great enthusiasm. A really friendly atmosphere makes you feel at home... and they have the patience of saints.  

Had the best week ever!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to be taught by such great teachers, and felt no matter how many questions I asked, I could still keep asking! You guys are a fountain of knowledge. 

Thanks to Chris, Amy, and Louise for making me feel really welcome and the course enjoyable, cannot wait to come again.    

A thoroughly enjoyable week that has ignited a real spark to take this further -  I will be back. Thank you.

Chris and Louise were both very helpful at tailoring the course so my objectives (which were very specific!) were achieved.  I appreciate the flexibility to make sure I got what I wanted from the two days.  

As well as thoroughly enjoying the work side of the course, your pleasant manner, sense of humour and ease with students makes the learning experience great.