The instructions given here are the measurements we take when measuring for a bridle. Clicking the link below will display a form in PDF format which can be printed. Please give all sizes in inches.

Important: When taking these measurements, unless specified (i.e measuring throat lash), make sure the tape measure is snug. DO NOT put on any allowances. These will be included in the calculations we do to achieve the final sizes required to make the bridle. If you require any advice, please contact us.

Instructions For Measuring Bridle

Corner to Corner Measurement

Measure from slightly above the corner of the mouth, (imagine that the bit is in the mouth and the corners are wrinkled), over the head to the same point on the opposite side. 

Head In-Between

 Measure from the bottom of the ear, over the head, ensuring the tape is beh9ind the ears, to the same point on the opposite side. This is where the splits on the headpeice will be. 

Throat Lash Circumference

Measure around the throat ensuring that the tape measures sits behind the ears. Slacken the tape so that approximately three fingers can be inserted between the tape and the jowl. 

Browband In-Between

Measure from back of the ear where headpiece will sit, acrooss the front of the brow to the same point on the opposite side. 

Noseband Circumference

 From the point where the noseband will sit, measure the circumference of the nose. 

Noseband In-Between

 From the point where the noseband will sit, (where noseband circumference measurement was taken), in line with the corner of the mouth, measure across the nose to the same point on the opposite side. 

Bit Allowance

This relates to the bit to be used with the bridle being made. 

Dee Ring, Eggbutts and Fulmars

Measure from the centre of the bit to the point where the cheeks will sit in the bit. 

Loose Ring

 Measure the diameter of the ring. 

Fixed Cheek

Measure from top of bit to top of ring where cheeks sit. 

Further Information Required


  • Bridle colour
  • Width of the cheeks, browband and noseband
  • Type of noseband and browband – e.g. Raised with fancy stitching, padded, crank, shaped browband, etc
  • Type of bridle required – e.g. Padded headpiece, Double, Rolled etc.
  • If reins required, type, width and size are needed. (Full, Cob, Pony or if preferred give length of rein required.)

Advice or Questions?

If you have any issues measuring bridle, please feel free to get in touch via telephone or email for any advice or further instructions. 

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help!