Historic Remodel - Hand Made Leather Products



Made from natural vegetable tanned cowhide 3.5mm – 4mm substance. The soles are approx 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick with the bottom layer made from shoe sole leather. The hob nails penetrate through all the sole layers and clinch.

There are 2 types, the standard model with an open toe and one based on a find keep in the Northamptonshire shoe museum which has straps coming over the toe.

When ordering please supply a tracing of foot to ensure a correct fit and state which type is required.

Price £125


Kit Bag and Shield Cover

Trajan’s column depicts legionnaires carrying a bundle above their satchels that looks like some form of kit bag. It was possibly used to stuff the cloak into but there is still some debate on the subject. Our hand made leather goods are accurate historic remodels.

The kit bag is made from 1mm – 1.5mm goatskin or cowhide (depending on availability) with an 8″ base and 18″ sides. The top is gathered together with a leather thong.

The shield cover is made from 1mm – 2mm cowhide or goats skins (depending on availability). The centre boss covering is made from 3mm – 4mm cowhide.

Kit Bag £40.25

Shield Cover £145 (Prices may vary depending on the size and shape of the shield. Please contact us giving the shield size for an accurate price).



Follows the pattern of the satchel found at the Bar Hill Fort. The original was stitched down either side to form the envelope shape. Some re-enactors find it more useful with the addition of a 2 ½” gusset down the sides which allows for more equipment to be carried. We, therefore, offer both styles for the same price.

Made from 1mm – 1.5mm goatskin or cowhide (depending on availability) with tie ring closure. Dimensions 18″ wide by 12″ high. Please state whether a gusset is required when ordering.

Price £135