Bridle Measure Form & Saddle Fitting Service

The instructions given here are the measurements we take when measuring for a bridle. Clicking the link below will display a form in PDF format which can be printed. Please give all sizes in inches.

Important: When taking these measurements, unless specified (i.e measuring throat lash), make sure the tape measure is snug. DO NOT put on any allowances. These will be included in the calculations we do to achieve the final sizes required to make the bridle. If you require any advice, please contact us.

Bridle Measure Form (pdf)


Saddle Fitting Service

What We Offer

Saddler’s Den provides a saddle fitting service, including Flair and WOW saddles.

All fittings are carried out on the owner’s premises with the rider present. Fittings will take approximately 40 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the fitting.

Charges for local fittings (up to a 15 mile radius) is £40. This charge includes any minor adjustments.

For locations over this distance, additional charges may be applied. Please contact us for details.

What We Ask From Our Customers

That the horse is in a satisfactory condition to perform the above procedures.

The owner/main rider of the horse is present and able to ride.

There is a suitable area to watch the horse being run up in hand and ridden.

Any pads, saddle clothes etc normally used with the saddle are to hand.

That we are given any relevant information regarding the fitting of the saddle.

Fitting Procedure

  Upon arrival, we will:

  • Find out from yourself if there are any existing problems.
  • Take templates of the horse and a weight tape measurement.
  • Inspect the horses back for any irregularities or unevenness.
  • Inspect the condition of the saddle. (Please note, we can only comment on what we see. Certain problems such as rivets ‘popping’ are sometimes not obvious unless the saddle is brought into the workshop and the panel removed).
  • Watch the horse being walked and trotted in-hand to determine its movement without a saddle and rider.
  • Fit the saddle to the horse and if the fit is correct, watch the horse being ridden.
  • Advice on any issues arising and take any remedial action required.
  • Copies of the templates and any comments noted will be given to the customer.

Please Note

We cannot give opinions on fittings performed by a third party. We can only comment on what we observe at the time of the fitting.

If you are having problems with a recently fitted saddle, it is advised that you go back to the supplier/fitter to give them the opportunity to correct the problem.